Acknowledgment of the Land

St. Lawrence College is situated on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Peoples. May we always be grateful to live and learn on these lands.

Indigenous Resources at SLC

A Note About Library Cataloguing and Vocabulary

SLC Libraries acknowledge that there is much work to be done to Indigenize and decolonize library content and systems. The library collections contain both historical and current sources, and as such include historical language, vocabulary and terminology. A provincial project is currently underway to thoughtfully re-catalogue and revise system descriptions and metadata, including Library of Congress subject headings, related to Indigenous materials. 

Learning Portal - Maamwi Hub

The Maamwi Hub is inspired by the TRC 94 Calls to Action to ensure that the 24 Colleges of Ontario lead in the education of staff and students on the diverse Indigenous histories, cultures, and current Indigenous worldviews. The word "Maamwi" means "together" in Anishinaabemowin, one of the many spoken Indigenous languages in the territory currently referred to as Ontario. We hope that the Maamwi Hub will be a part of your ongoing reconciliation journey. We hope that it serves as a pathway to an authentic commitment to learn and reflect on the past and present impacts of colonial history on Indigenous Peoples in Turtle Island, and to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Indigenous cultures, knowledges, and worldviews.

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