Search Tips

You have likely seen a headline on social media or received a link from a colleague. Many newspapers are now behind paywalls or only allow viewing a certain number of articles. There are ways around this, but in representing the library we want to ensure all licensing and copyright is respected.

  • In the case of the Globe, the online license allows personal use but prohibits distribution. However, we can share/post links to the library database version within Fair Dealing guidelines.
  • We do have full access to the Globe and thousands of other newspapers in our databases. CBCACanadian Major Dailies and NexisUni are great to check first!
  • Often the online “digital” edition of a news article has a different title from the print and database version which can make it harder to find. Try searching just the source and author and a keyword.

Searching Examples

Example 1:

Article title online: "When it comes to postsecondary and hiring, it’s a matter of degrees"

Click for a direct link to the Globe & Mail article.

Same article in SLC Database: "Rethinking the need for degrees in hiring: As companies deal with labour shortages, it’s time to take another look at postsecondary education requirements"

Find this by searching source, author and part of the title like “postsecondary” or “degrees”

Click for a direct link to the article from the SLC Library.

Example 2:

Article title online: "Visually impaired say listing sites need work"

Same article in SLC Database: "Visually impaired say real estate sites need work: In a business where most home buyers start their search online, a large and growing population of visually impaired Canadians could be frustrated or shut out"

Click for a direct link to the article from the SLC Library.

Newspaper Databases

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