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Ways to learn and participate

Downie Wenjack Fund: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation  

A DAY TO LISTEN – From 6am to 6pm, more than 500 radio stations in Canada will share interviews with Indigenous leaders, Elders, youth and other community members centered around the theme Messages of Hope for the second A DAY TO LISTEN

September 30th Panel – DWF is hosting a panel discussion at 1:00 pm ET that will explore the effects of the Pope’s visit on communities and reconciliation in Canada. 

September 21, 11:45am – 1pm: A Courageous Conversation on Reconciliation

A webinar panel conversation with Indigenous experts on building organizational knowledge capacity to advance Truth and Reconciliation.

September 29, 1pm: Bringing Reconciliation into your Business 

A webinar on how to incorporate reconciliation and its principles into the daily routine of your business.

Campus Events

“We were Children, Shiiakwaksha’okon:a,” Art Exhibit 

When: September 16 – 29th, 2022  

Where: Cornwall Campus Library 

What: Includes two, in-person discussions led by the Native North American Indian Travelling College team scheduled for September 29th @ 10am & 1pm in the library. For more information contact Shannon Hall,, or the SCTL Team,   

No Face Dolls and/or Beaded Red Dress pins  

Beaded Red Dress pins are for the Sisters in Spirit Vigil October 4

Beaded Orange Shirt pin for Truth and Reconciliation Day September 30

Contact Shirley Chaisson for more information at  

Both activities will be available during the week in Cornwall Indigenous Center.

#hopeandhealingcanada art installations by Tracey-Mae Chambers  When: Art installations on display until October 30th, 2022; Artist Talk date TBD  What: Using large premade crochet and knit pieces made of red yarn, Métis artist Tracey-Mae Chambers has created art installations in the Marianne van Silfhout Gallery, located within SLC's Brockville campus, as well as on sites on the Cornwall and Kingston campuses. The exhibit broaches the subject of decolonization and our connections to one another.    Kingston Honour Walk   When: September 30th, 2022 11am – 12pm  Where: Meet outside at the Indigenous Medicine Garden  Registration: UR SLC Contact: Mary Ann Lyons, Indigenous Student Advisor, 

Following the walk, members are welcome to join us in the Centre for ongoing discussion, solidarity, sadness, gratitude, honour, respect, celebration, and a feast.   

Brockville Honour Walk   When: September 30th, 2022, 12 – 1pm  Where: TBD  Registration: UR SLC Contact: Shirley Chaisson,  or Julie Johnson, 

Cornwall Honour Walk, along the Cornwall Bike Trail   When: September 30th, 2022, 12 – 1pm  Where: Meet in front of Moulinette Hall  Registration: UR SLC Contact: Shirley Chaisson