Academic Support Centre - Writing Help & APA Style

Writing assistance, including guidance on citation, referencing, and APA Style, is available from the professional tutors in the Academic Support Centres tricampus. 

Recommended APA Style Guides

Writing Rescue. (2021). APA Citing - 7th Edition [Video File playlist] Retrieved from: [Closed captioning and transcript are available via YouTube].

APA Style 7th ed. Video

SLC Libraries. (2020). APA Style 7th edition Academic Support Centre video. [Video File]. Retrieved from

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Retrieving an APA Style citation from results in the Page 1+ Library Search

When viewing a detailed item record in the Page 1+ search platform, a computer-generated citation is available to copy and paste. Look for the quotation marks symbol to identify the citation tool. Select "APA (7th edition)" and copy and paste the text. Always follow instructor guidelines and proofread the text to ensure accuracy.

 screen shot of citation feature in Page 1+ item record

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