St. Lawrence College Libraries

Brockville, Cornwall, Kingston


Library Account Information

Online library collections are accessed via with your St. Lawrence credentials. 

Student library borrowing accounts expire every 12 months as only currently enrolled students have access to our resources. Alumni and community member accounts also expire every 12 months, but more information on those account types can be found on the Our Borrowers page.

To update your account please contact your campus library with your seven (7) digit account number. This will either be printed on your card directly or via a sticker.

Your account number will be in one of the following formats:

  • 1234567
  • 900XXXX
  • L00XXXX

cards lined up on a table

Library Account Log In

What You Can Do

By logging in to your library account you can:

  • Review your account to see what materials you have checked out
  • Place a hold on an item that is currently signed out
  • Renew your materials
  • Update your address

When you use these features, all regular library policies will apply. If you have trouble with any of these features, please contact your campus library for help.

To reset your PIN, please contact and provide your Student ID or Employee number.