Setting Up Study Space

Preparing and creating a comfortable study space is important to helping you stay motivated and focused for learning online. To create a comfortable space use these strategies:

  • Attempt to find a space away from others you live with or make an agreement on times you can focus on studying
  • Keep only materials needed for learning with you, avoid clutter
  • If you have a desk available use this to do work (avoid working on your bed)
  • Ensure you have effective lighting in your space and a comfortable chair to sit

Reducing Distractions

Another important strategy for setting up a study space is to reduce your distractions so you can maintain concentration on the task at hand.

  1. Turn off the news! Have a scheduled time to get updates on COVID-19
  2. Use blockers to help with reducing distractions on your computer/laptop
    • Cold Turkey
    • Distraction Free YouTube: free google chrome extension
  3. If you are distracted by your phone, put it in a different room or hide it
  4. Turn the sound and notifications off on your phone
  5. Listen to music or a podcast to help you focus if you prefer ‘background noise’
  6. Try yoga postures - focusing: mountain, warrior or balancing: tree, eagle
  7. Practice mindful breathing: IN (1-2-3-4) HOLD (1-2-3-4), OUT (1-2-3-4)
  8. Use a timer
  9. Useful apps:

Forest (iOS)
StayFocused – free google chrome extension

Credits: This guide is adapted with permission from Sheridan College. Original guide: link

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