FOSS Apps to Replace Your Favourites

(free as in speech AND free as in pizza)

This list contains an assortment of free and open source software (FOSS) that you can download for free from the internet. Please note that this software is not officially endorsed nor supported by the St. Lawrence College Library so, as with any free software, use at your own risk.

Most free and open source software runs on donations from generous patrons and/or organizations. Additionally, users of each software are encouraged to submit bug reports (issues), and contribute to their on-going development.

Please contact for any additions or removals.

Microsoft Office Suite

Adobe Suite


Note Taking

Multimedia Editing


Social Media

For more information, please visit the website FediDB.

Computer Operating Systems

When choosing a computer operating system, likely Linux or its derivatives, you will want to prioritize desktop environment over distribution (distro).

There are many different desktop environments to choose from:

Linux Distribution List:

view a full, detailed list on DistroWatch

Mobile Operating Systems

Android (AOSP) based:

Linux based:

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