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Available Services

Unavailable Services & Copyright Information

The following services are unavailable for purchase/use by academic institutions:

  • Amazon Prime Video ( Prime Student)
  • Apple TV / Apple One
  • Netflix (besides noted documentaries, see our F.A.Q. page)
  • Hulu / Disney+
  • CBC Gem (free in Canada with ads, Premium is $4.99/mo + Tax)
  • NBC Peacock
  • Crunchyroll/Funimation/VRV
  • HBOmax
  • YouTube Premium/TV

Videos that are accessible through these streaming services are NOT considered publicly available online content because a username and password (an account) are required to access them. Additionally, even though these services offer legitimate copies of shows/films that have been made available with the consent of the copyright owner, your use of the videos in your account or library is limited to the contractual obligations of the Terms of Use that you agreed to when you signed up for your account. These products are “only for personal, non-commercial use” and CANNOT BE SHOWN IN THE CLASSROOM or for any public audience.

This applies to all streaming video sites that require:

  1. An account (username + password), and/or
  2. A paid subscription


Copyright Information

The  College's Fair Dealing Policy permits the reproduction of up to 10% of an audiovisual work but this reproduction is prohibited if the video is protected by a digital lock or technological protection measure.

Permission to reproduce the video would have to be sought from its copyright holder, which could be studio, director, and/or producer. For information on and assistance with the permission seeking process, please contact the Copyright Technician.

If you require use of a video that is not available through any of our subscribed sources, or any open access resources, please email the Copyright Technician at

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