This guide is a resource for all St. Lawrence College faculty and staff during the implementation of the standalone Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree at St. Lawrence College. Information is intended as a reference for faculty and staff in current and forthcoming BScN programs (Laurentian University and St. Lawrence College); however, this guide may be useful to faculty in nursing and allied health programs at SLC including but not limited to Practical Nursing, Paramedic, Pre-Health Sciences, Personal Support Worker, and Critical Care Nursing.


This guide is under construction and will be updated frequently. Are you looking for something else? Let us know! For inquiries please contact the Library Team at Libraries@sl.on.ca.

Information about access to Laurentian University Library Collections

Access to Laurentian University (LU) Library online collections is restricted to current registered and authorized Laurentian BScN students only (i.e. Year 4 in Fall 2023). This access restriction is based on publisher licensing models.

BScN students in the standalone degree program from St. Lawrence College do not have access to Laurentian University (LU) Library’s online collections.

All copyright-protected content in use for a Fall 2023 Y1/2/3 course must be licensed and available from SLC Libraries.

How to use the library

Peer Review, Scholarly Journal, Academic Source... What do these words mean? This video provides a short explanation of Peer Review, and how to use the SLC Libraries website to find high-quality sources for a research assignment.