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Library Therapy Dog: About


What is a Therapy Dog

Therapy Dogs provide comfort to people when visiting hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, libraries, rehabilitation units, and children with learning disabilities. They may be trained to support people in stressful situations, such as disaster sites. 

One thing that all therapy dogs must have in common is temperament.  Therapy dogs need to be confident, socially open dogs who are friendly, patient and gentle in all situations.

Check out the Canadian Service Dog Foundation and St John Ambulance Therapy Dog Services for further information.

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SJA Therapy Dog Visits


St John Ambulance Therapy Dogs are visiting SLC Libraries.

Brockville Cornwall Kingston
Tues. January 22, 11.30-12.30 TBD Wed. January 16, 12.00-1.00
Wed. February 6, 12.00-1.00   Wed. January 23, 12.00-1.00
Thurs. February 21, 11.30-12.30   Wed. January 30, 12.00-1.00
Tues. March 5, 11.30-12.30   Wed. February 6, 12.00-1.00
Wed. March 20, 12.00-1.00   Wed. February 13, 12.00-1.00
Thurs. April 4, 11.30-12.30   Wed. February 20, 12.00-1.00
Tues. April 9, 11.30-12.30   Wed. February 27, 12.00-1.00
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